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The “MY WE4G” app from Xphone has been launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the “MY WE4G” application from Xphone, which allows the cellular company's customers to perform a wide range of operations digitally without the need to contact customer service.
The app allows users to see information related to their account, switch mobile plans, purchase additional internet plan, purchase a suitable internet plan abroad and many other features. All this while maintaining a convenient, simple and intuitive user interface.


U Sound Corporative and Partners


Hermes Mazali Buenos Ares Argentina


UX and UI for mobile app and website


App and responsive website
A mobile company allows you to do all the actions on the website and the app. The project involved the construction of the respective digital products and the graphic language which was determined using the logo.
The process consisted of enabling and registering a cellular company through the site only.

Responsive website
Marlen Dumas

print / design