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UX UI for kishrey-teufa website

Kishrey teufa Group is a tourism company, which combines specialization in all areas of tourism including domestic tourism, boating, car rental, organized tours, operating outbound and inbound flights, and the exclusive representation in Israel of the leading resorts in the Mediterranean basin and Europe.

Project Goal

Simply increase conversions through digital media

Target Audience

1. Traveling families 2. Teens and young guys vacations 3. Themes vacations like music / soccer / shopping...

Responsive mobile ui

spicy solutions for mobile resolution 😉

Mobile resolution

UX UI Design

The challenge

How to create the user experience to 3 different audiences:

traveling families, teens and young guys vacations, subject-matter vacations such as Rock concert, soccer games, shopping & more themes trips.

The Search box

For easy User Experience

Deals Carousel

Mobile app design