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      Design Digital Kiosk

      The kiosk was developed at the software company, during covid 19 and quarantine. The process of designing the user experience had to be remotely without testing on a compatible and genuine device. In the process of design UX it is necessary to check and verify the usability of the system under the conditions in which the users will experience it.

      Design and specification of a kiosk system

      The system was built according to a structured system, so there were constraints and limitations in changing the user flow and customer journey. In design, we had more freedom. The system is still under construction, we hope that very soon it will be possible to experience the order through the digital kiosks.

      Mobile resolution

      UX UI Design

      The challenge

      How to create the user experience to 3 different audiences:

      traveling families, teens and young guys vacations, subject-matter vacations such as Rock concert, soccer games, shopping & more themes trips.

      Product page

      Category Page with open menu